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We are delighted to be the exclusive authorised distributor of GreenGate - Copenhagen for Australia and New Zealand.

GreenGate is known for its uncompromising designs, where amazing patterns, wonderful colours, beautiful shapes and high quality creates a very special atmosphere. In a unique way Greengate manages to preserve nostalgia in their beautiful design, and still the products are both functional and suited to the modern home.

GreenGate was founded in 1993 by Jesper and Mona Christensen. The company is 100% Danish owned. The adventure started when Jesper Christensen acquired a collection of old books from a dusty loft in Italy on Lake Como, with approx. 15,000 hand worked floral motifs. These designs were developed by Pierre Boussac. Between 1880-1920, he developed these designs for the finest décor and fashion houses of the day. These priceless books now form the basis for GreenGate’s new collections twice a year.

Besides the beautiful and functional design, one of the most distinctive features about GreenGate, is the ability to match previous series with the latest stoneware from Green Gate, and still maintain a unique harmony. All stoneware from GreenGate is designed to complement and match Greengates textiles. Green Gate has become a Danish classic for those customers who love the romantic country living style. The products have a familiarity and oozes the most wonderful, cozy and warm atmosphere for your home. Besides everything for a beautiful dinner table with the most beautiful coffee cups, amazing latte cups and teacups, Greengate also have plates and oven dishes. Absolutely wonderful tea-pots, boxes for tea and quirky storage tins. Greengate have lots of textiles! Delicious bedspreads, blankets and quilts. Beautiful fabrics in tablecloths, blankets and pillows. The finest ribbons, table runners, napkins and tea towels.

GreenGate is a complete lifestyle brand and quickly becoming an Australian favourite.

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